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Our waterproofing / building team at Permatec Pty Ltd has been servicing the building and construction industry for more than thirty five (35) years. We have developed a solid foundation in the waterproofing field with over 80 clients to whom we have been servicing on a regular basis. We specialize in major refurbishment, renovation work and new construction waterproofing.


Penrith Police Station - for Public Works Department
Clarification Dams (Nundle) - for Public Works Department
Child Care Centre - UTS - Lindfield for Capital Constructions
Mittagong RSL Club, Yarra Bay Sailing Club, St John Park Bowling Club
Birkenhead Investment (2000m 3 layer Torch on)
Kurnell Oil Refinery - Holding Tank project (4000Sqm)
Parramatta Police Station - for Public Works Department
Piruse Constructions - Wollongong Mixed Development (4800sqm)
Combuild Constructions - Bellevue Hill Property Development (800sqm)
Golden Century Seafood Restaurant - Roof Repairs
Tudecon - Newington College, Stanmore NSW - Grand stand and science Block

We service small and large Builders


Retaining wall

Liquid applied latex modified bituminous elastomeric waterproofing compound. When fully cured forms a permanently flexible waterproof lining to most building surfaces. Should always be protected from UV exposure, either by over coating with 'Outdoor' (acrylic membrane), a water based paint, covered with tiles, cement topping or soil. Touch dry within 2 to 4 hours, thins with water and can be tiled over after 2 to 4 days curing. Use standard cement based or water based tile adhesive.

Bathroom Membranes

A liquid acrylic membrane containing a fibrous filament reinforcing. When fully cured this forms a flexible waterproofing lining for showers and other wet areas as described in Australian Standard AS3740-1994 "Waterproofing wet areas with residential building". Forms a waterproofing lining to most building materials including reinforced concrete, cement render, water resistant plasterboard and fibre reinforced cement sheet flooring etc. the surface must be firmly fixed to manufacturers directions, clean and dry.

Outdoor Facade Coatings

A flexible high build acrylic waterproofing system formulated to provide long term protection to horizontal or vertical surfaces and decorative applications to building surfaces. It is a UV stable coating with a range of colours to choose from.

Epoxy Coatings

A water based, non-flammable coating and performs as a waterproofing membrane. Epoxy Coatings may be over coated with conventional paint systems.


Elasto-Deck Bt is a black, liquid applied single-component moisture-cured polyurethane coating, designed to form a seamless, flexible rubber membrane impervious to moisture. It is suitable for use in showers, balconies and other wet areas.


Butynol is a synthetic rubber with properties which resist ageing from heat, sunlight and ozone. It has excellent gas impermeability and toughness and remains flexible at low temperatures. Butynol is manufactured by combining the petroleum gases isobutylene and isoprene at the extremely low temperature of 100 degrees. Butynol is marketed by Norcros as a warranted roofing and tanking product and fixed by The Waterproofing Stop's trained and experienced Approved Applicators.


To create a healthy, fish-friendly pond you have to start from the bottom with the liner. PondGard EPDM rubber from Firestone combines flexibility and durability with the ease of installation that makes it the material of choice for hobbyists, design and landscaping professionals alike.
PondGard is based on EPDM synthetic rubber, a highly flexible and stable material that's not only long lasting and easy to work with, but is safe for fish and plant life and the environment.

Bitumen Torch-On

Our Torch-On Range of waterproofing incorporates bituminous sheet membranes for a wide variety of roofing and tanking situations. The range comprises both APP and SBS torch applied products, self-adhesive membranes as well as a wide variety of accessories.

Clear Sealer

High performance sealers that give long-lasting and invisible water, salt and stain protection for all mineral porous building materials. Sealing with a Dry-Treat product reduces the cost of maintenance and keeps surfaces looking good for longer. Sealers are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including: engineering structures - particularly marine structures such as bridges and wharves, building facades, floors, walls, swimming pool surrounds, patios, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas. Dry-Treat sealers give excellent protection for: engineering concrete, terracotta tile, cast stone, paving, sandstone,limestone, brick, slate, marble, granite, porcelain, terrazzo, vitreous tile and grout.


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